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About Us

Etrukz is a portal of PDR Transport and Solutions for truck users and truck suppliers and offers them a platform to get connected. We have been in the logistics business for many years and carry experience and expertise in logistics and supply chain management. We keep watch on the latest technological developments and utilize to enrich logistics services. This helps us empower our customers by providing accurate and real time information of the trucks. On this platform, you can connect with different truck owners and suppliers to fulfill your logistics needs. The truck suppliers can easily register with this portal to find verified customers for their logistics services. Not just logistics and supply chain management services, this portal also offers option to buy or sell used trucks.Etrukz is also now open for the truck commission agents who can now make money by deriving compensation from posting of one used truck or service centre or weighbridge and also by posting three sub agents who also has to do the same thing and the chain goes on so that the parent agent will be eligible for 5 level commission . So, whenever you want to post a load or truck  / search a used truck for buy/sale/ search a load or truck,earn money easily by registering as a agent connect with us for hassle-free operations.

We believe that technology plays a crucial role in the planning and execution of the logistics operations and stay abreast with the latest technologies to help our customers make proactive business decisions. Having many years of experience in providing logistics and supply chain management services, we have maintained a huge database of verified truck suppliers and customers.. We believe in maintaining long-term relationships with all our clients and provide cost-effective services. Our large vendor base and fast delivery services help us in attaining our aim of providing 100% customer satisfaction.